Why data backup is important
April 3, 2019

Why my computer is running slow is the question often pop in our brain every now and then especially when you are trying to do something important and even a simple Word file is taking minutes to open. So what has changed in the computer you bought few years back that its running so slow, did the processing power of CPU or RAM reduced or computer is not good enough to even open document files.

None of the above changed over time, only thing that changed is the Hard Disk. Average life span of a hard disk is around 3-5 years. As the hard disk platters are written again and again it is natural and unavoidable situation so it doesn’t matter how fast CPU act if it is not getting the data from hard drive to process overall system performance will be slow.

When replacing the hard disk with the SSD, existing drive can be cloned to the SSD does leaving the system in the same state as it was with older drive but making it way faster.

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