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April 27, 2019

We get calls from so many people daily who have lost access to their data because of number of reasons like hard disk failure, power surge etc and they sound so stressed over the phone as they are on the verge of losing it forever. Although in most of the cases we were able recover the data for them but imagine the uncertainty and the stress they went through until we got them their data back and not to mention the money they spent on the data recovery as data recovery from broken media isn’t cheap. But what if we can avoid all of this stress, uncertainty and have the peace mind that your data is always safe and accessible.

For the home users we provide various backup solutions where your data will be backed up regularly without any human intervention and user can restore it at its own will. Various types of backups services we provide are:

Local Backup: In this scenario backup happens on a local NAS connected to the local network. This type of back ups don’t use the internet and you always have a local copy of the data which you can access directly from the NAS. One drawback of this backup is that as backup copy is also on the same premises as the system, backup data might be lost as well in case of the disaster at the site.

Cloud Backup: This type of backup happen over the internet on to a cloud backup service provider. Internet connection is need for this back. This back is always secured from any kind of disaster at the site as data is kept off site and can be recovered to any off site system to continue the business in case of the disaster

Cloud Backup FAQs:

Is my data secure over cloud: Our backup providers have the secure data centers around the globe. Also data is stored in the encrypted form so that even if someone accidentally get access to the data, they can’t read it at all without the encryption key.

Internet Upload speed is low, how long backups will take: After the first full backup(a.k.a Initial Seed), all the subsequent backups are incremental. That means only the files changed after athe last backup will be uploaded again. We will do the initial seed from our high speed internet or we will send the secured physical drive to the data center.

Hybrid Backup: This is the best available option as it use both local and cloud backup. Local backups happen frequently and cloud backup will happen in off peak times.

Thinking of setting up a backup, call us now and we will help you to achieve it

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